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Event Law

The Event Law course covers the legal aspects of planning and executing events. The curriculum is designed to educate you on key legal concepts, such as contracts, insurance, and liability, to ensure compliance and protect both the event planner and the client.

$1,595.00 (USD)

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  1. Starting Your Own Business
    1. Starting Your Own Business
    2. Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, LLCs, & Corporations
    3. The Basics
    4. Liability Concerns
    5. Simple Tax
    6. Creative Hypothetical
    7. DIY or Lawyer Up?
    8. Insurance
  2. Choosing a Brand Name
    1. Choosing a Brand
    2. Legal Names
    3. Trade Names
    4. Customer Confusion and Fictitious Business Names
    5. Trade Names- LLCs and Corporations
    6. Case Study
    7. Case Study- Choosing a Brand Name
  3. Industry-Specific Licenses and Permits
    1. Federal Licenses and Permits
    2. Local Licenses and Permits
    3. Other Considerations
    4. Case Study- Licenses and Permits Case Study
  4. Intellectual Property - Trademarks
    1. Trademarks
    2. What is a Trademark?
    3. Trademark Basics
    4. How to Select a Legally Strong Brand Name, Logo or Slogan
    5. Creative Rule 1: Not All Trademarks Are Created Equal
    6. Creative Rule 2: Distinctive Marks Are Legally Strong Marks
    7. Creative Rule 3: Weak Marks Receive Low-Level Protection
    8. Creative Rule 4: Legally Strong Marks Are Not Always Good For Business
    9. Trademark Search
    10. Federal Registration of Your Brand
    11. Case Study- Trademarks
  5. Intellectual Property - Domain Names, Trade Secrets, & the Rights of Publicity
    1. Intellectual Property: Domain Names
    2. Exceptions to Exclusive Right to Use Your Domain Name
    3. Intellectual Property: Trade Secrets
    4. Trade Secrets Creative Hypo
    5. Intellectual Property: Right of Publicity
    6. Domain Names, Trade Secrets & The Right of Publicity -
  6. Case Study: Intellectual Property - Copyrights
    1. Intellectual Copyrights
    2. Intellectual Property: Copyrights
    3. Copyright Creation and Duration
    4. Compilations and Derivative Works
    5. Things Not Protected by Copyright Law
    6. Copyright Creation and Ownership
    7. Copyright Details
    8. Transferring Ownership of a Copyright
    9. Federal Copyright Registration
    10. Registration Process
    11. Online Registration Steps
    12. Paper Application
    13. Copyright Infringement
    14. Legally Acceptable Defenses
    15. Infringement Remedies
    16. International Copyright Protection
    17. Case Study- Copyrights
  7. Employment Issues
    1. Labor and Employment Issues
    2. Hiring and Classifying Employees
    3. Personnel Practices
    4. Paying Your Employees
    5. Employee Benefits
    6. Taxes
    7. Family and Medical Leave Act
    8. Avoiding Discrimination
    9. Health and Safety in the Workplace
    10. Workers with Disabilities
    11. Employee Privacy
    12. Terminating Employees
    13. Case Study- Labor and Employment. Case Study- Job Posting
  8. Contracts
    1. Contracts
    2. Essential Elements Of A Valid Contract
    3. Rules Of Acceptance
    4. Consideration
    5. Contract Defenses
    6. Duty To Perform Your Contractual Promises
    7. Breach Of Contract Claims
    8. Draft And Review Your Own Contracts
    9. Contract Provisions
    10. Execution Checklist
    11. How To Modify An Existing Contract
    12. Case Study- Contracts
  9. Torts & the Wedding and Event Industry
    1. Tortious Interference With Contractual Relations
    2. Defamation
    3. Product Liability
    4. Negligence
    5. Business Relationships And Tort Liability
    6. Tort Remedies And Claims
    7. Case Study- Torts
  10. How to Effectively Negotiate in the Wedding and Event Industry
    1. How To Effectively Negotiate
    2. Setting Goals And Using Standards
    3. Recognizing Negotiation Styles
    4. Mentality
    5. Negotiating An Agreement
    6. Recognizing The Dirty Tricks
    7. Case Study- Negotiation
  11. Final Exam



You've got questions.
We're here to help.

Our highly knowledgeable Enrollment Specialists will answer any questions you might have about the course and payment options.




You've got questions.
We're here to help.

Our highly knowledgeable Enrollment Specialists will answer any questions you might have about the course and payment options.

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